We can restore, rebuild, refurbish any mini according to your budget you tell us what you want & we will do our best to accommodate your requirements, we fully understand some customers do not have a blank cheque book and this is why we operate a pay as you go system so we can work in line with your cash flow.

Rust is the biggest problem with minis and each vehicle is affected in different ways, however the most affected areas are as follows;

1 x Front panel
2 x Wings
2 x A Panel
2 x inner wing repairs
2 x Door skins
2 x Doorsteps
2 x outer sills
1 x Scuttle Panel

With all the affected panels replaced we then seal were required and prepare the remainder of the car for a full repaint.

All bare metal is etch primed, after which numerous coats of 2k filler primer is used & finally various top coats are applied to complete the face lift, leaving you with a solid, smart looking mini to be proud of.

Above: Reshell & Respray

We would like to point out if some unforeseen work comes to light during the repairs we will not continue without first contacting the client.  

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